First new “The Things Network” Gateway for Twickenham, London


You wanted to connect your Smart things and sensing data to the Internet. So we have brought our first LoRaWAN gateway online for the “The Things Network” (TTN), here in London. The gateway covers Twickenham, which means you can now find out just how hot that toaster is and just how much power it’s using. Hook up your node using the Twickenham gateway and use that data.

The IoT Factory in conjunction with the TTN is delighted that the first Gateway is now up and running and carrying sensing data into the TTN network. We plan to build more free to connect gateways around the London area. Find out how LoRaWAN connectivity can support your business and its IoT needs here.


A current map of TTN LoRaWAN gateways in the UK can be found here, TTN LoRaWAN gateway map


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