Pleased to be associated with the ODI

The IoT Factory is pleased to be associated with the Open Data Institute (ODI).


Open Data Institute

Like the ODI The IoT Factory believes that access to open data is a real benefit to everyone. The ability to bring together multiple data sets and provide meaningful insight into society is a central tenant of what The IoT Factory believes.

The view of many IoT practitioners and analysts is that there will be 20 Billion devices connected by 2020. The IoT Factory believes that this capability or as we call it, Hyper Granular Sensing will give us the unprecedented ability to create useful and meaningful data sets for everyone to use.




ODI focus
We focus on sector themes to bring open data’s benefits to specific areas of society and industry across the Data Spectrum

These sectors are:
Agriculture and nutrition
Data infrastructure
Global development
Open cities

What we do
We train, nurture and collaborate with individuals around the world to promote innovation through open data. We do this through:
Open data training courses – the biggest offer in the world
Membership – bringing together a network of individuals and organisations
Events – from free lunchtime lectures to annual summits
Tools, standards and techniques – our Labs team works with partners, universities and clients to evolve state-of-the-art tools, standards, and techniques in open data for the benefit of all
Startups – we aim to find, support and promote open data startups
Research – we research a broad range of areas related to open data
Certify – our vision is to certify all open data to maximise reuse and unlock its value
Nodes – operating at a city or regional level, our nodes commit their local expertise
Public consultations – the ODI provides input to policy consultations and debates

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