Working with Omni Systems to bring smarter buildings online

The IoT Factory is pleased to be working with Omni Systems to help implement real-time building monitoring systems. The Omni Systems, Omni-Box provides real-time building metrics enabling its customers to optimise their buildings operational performance while reducing energy consumption creating a greener building, we identify faults in real time reducing labour costs significantly while improving the comfort factor in the facility dramatically. This solution allows the building and site team to operate efficiently and intelligently.

One of the other key USP’s of the Omni-box solution is its ability to work seamlessly with different Building Management Systems (BMS). To that end, in addition to providing real-time analytics, the service can also release companies from single source BMS. Now you can deploy different BMS variants and use Omni-box to bring the data together in a single information pane. No longer are facilities operators tied to a single solution or encumbered with heritage platforms.


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