20th February 2016

Hyper Granular Sensing

At The IoT Factory, we believe that real value is in the data. That’s why we have focused on ensuring all your sensing data is collected, managed and analysed in real-time. Our Analytics engines will allow you to derive real information from your data, creating actionable outcomes for you.

Many businesses have to take their sense data from multiple feeds which in turn are displayed on disparate systems. Substantially obviating the opportunity to link sense data from one platform and understand the impact it is having on another space. In particular, Facilities & Properties, Data Centers and the Mechanical & Electrical interfaces have many systems none of which are work symbiotically with each other.

Using its sophisticated technology The IoT Factory can bring your data into a single portal with an intuitive presentation in a human-friendly form factor. Even with our engines processing your data and finding the outliers and challenges in real-time. It’s also important that you too can scan the data.

If your sensing application involves making real-time decisions it is important The IoT Factory provides that data to you in Realtime. All our streams can be managed and fed directly into the platform. Using our highly intuitive Rule Engine, you can create actions based on your sensing feeds. These measures can be used to drive other outcomes, whether that be an engineering, care worker visit or a simple parameter change in another critical system.

When your sensing fabric is working in real-time to support Assisted Living scenarios then it’s critical the analytics engines are running to spot outliers indicating perhaps fall or absence patterns in a home. To that end uptime is critical, and we focus on ensuring the capability can support millions of inbound data points per second.

Screen shot from a Home Monitoring system showing The IoT factory raw data streams.



Screen shot from a “Peace of Mind” Assisted Living package from The IoT Factory. This package allows remote relatives or close friends to see that essential activities and life signs are

This package allows remote relatives or close friends to ensure essential activities and life signs remain are consistent with learned patterns. As simple as making sure access doors are secure to ensuring there is movement in regular spaces like the kitchen or that the fridge door is being opened for food.