Working with Omni Systems to bring smarter buildings online

The IoT Factory is pleased to be working with Omni Systems to help implement real-time building monitoring systems. The Omni Systems, Omni-Box provides real-time building metrics enabling its customers to optimise their buildings operational performance while reducing energy consumption creating a greener building, we identify faults in real time reducing labour costs significantly while improving the comfort[…]

First new “The Things Network” Gateway for Twickenham, London

You wanted to connect your Smart things and sensing data to the Internet. So we have brought our first LoRaWAN gateway online for the “The Things Network” (TTN), here in London. The gateway covers Twickenham, which means you can now find out just how hot that toaster is and just how much power it’s using. Hook[…]

An early adopters lesson in IoT

  IoT has arrived for the Home, or has it? I’m impressed with the hype when it comes to IoT; I like what the possibilities hold and in particular with what we can do in the home. I’m not talking about the connected toaster; I have no idea why anyone would need to switch on[…]